Sunday, January 2, 2011

Millions of homeowners are afraid of losing their homes to foreclosure. Millions more are worried about what they would do if they had to face foreclosure. If you are in either of these categories you have options to get around it. I want to share some options and tips with you on how to get through foreclosure. Using any combination of these can save you thousands of dollars and months of stress. You will be better equipt to handle foreclosure because you can be proactive in your approach and feel that you can do something about your home.

Because so many people are dealing with the foreclosure process for the first time and finding it seriously confusing I wrote "How to Get Through Foreclosure". It was written to provide a common sense view of the process and procedure associated with foreclosure. 

"How to Get Through Foreclosure" is divided into two parts - an overview and explanation of the foreclosure process written in layman's terms, and a detailed explaination of the time frame and order in which the process happens. 

In the first section you will find out how to.....
  • understand what the foreclosure process entails
  • understand who is involved in the foreclosure process
  • understand what to look for so you are prepared throughout the entire foreclosure process
In the second section you will discover how to.....
  • understand the time frame to the entire foreclosure process allowing you to plan accordingly
  • determine the best options for you to stall foreclosure
  • determine the best options to stop foreclosure

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Banks and other lenders would have you believe that payment in full is the only option to avoid foreclosure. It's not. There are various options you can use to either stall or completely stop the foreclosure process. Yes, foreclosures can be altered or halted. If you take the right measures for your situation you can make it through the entire process so it is not the nightmare everyone thinks it is. Throughout the entire ebook you will discover highlighted resources that can help you through various parts of foreclosure. 

All this information is available for a LIMITED TIME for just $5. So for less than the price of lunch or coffee for the week you can discover how to take control of the foreclosure process in stead of letting it control your life. 

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